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MBPA Education Forum Series

MBPA Form | Winter 2016

Energy Fit Homes ( is a certification program specifically designed for energy efficiency in Minnesota’s existing homes, and is being delivered through existing utility programs. The program’s goal is to transform the market for energy efficiency in Minnesota’s existing homes by providing value, recognition, and third-party assurance to homeowners that have completed energy retrofits. 
In this forum presented by the Minnesota Building Performance Association, Rebecca Olson and Isaac Smith discuss Minnesota’s housing stock and opportunities for energy-efficient retrofits; the impetus for creating a new certification program; how Energy Fit Homes can be a time of sale tool to promote energy efficiency and complete retrofits; as well as Energy Fit Homes’ process, requirements, and opportunities. Co-presented by Neighborhood Energy Connection and Center for Energy and the Environment.

Energy Forum 14: Energy Fit Homes from MN Building Performance Assn on Vimeo.