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Our Members

Our "Full" Members have made the highest commitment to Minnesota Building Performance Association (MBPA). As a full member they are listed in the "find a professional" feature of the website and are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Committee.  These members qualify to be on the executive board of the organization.

Here is the list of our Full Members


Our "Associate" members are either new to MBPA or for various business or personal reasons the benefits of Associate member is most appropriate.  All new members must start as an Associate before rising to the level of Full Member.

Here is the list of our Associate Members


Our "Supporting" members are organizations or individuals who support the goals and message of MBPA. They may not be active in the building science industry and do not benefit from the features in the other levels of membership.  Anyone can be a Supporting member!  We welcome your support.

Here is a list of our Supporting Members

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