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Who We Are

Minnesota Building Performance Association (MBPA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to support safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, energy-efficient homes. As our name states we focus on Minnesota but our members also serve the eastern Dakotas and western Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide homeowners with building science information and cost-effective solutions to common problems such as ice dams, poor heating & cooling, mold, and much more.

Through MBPA you can find a trusted professional to help solve even the toughest problems. Our members include energy auditors, contractors, utilities, government and educational organizations. MBPA provides members with ongoing education and ‘best practice’ information to stay on top of the most current building science.

Your home is a complex interactive system. MBPA is your first stop for problem solving through science-based testing. Diagnose, solve and verify – If you are not testing you are just guessing!


MBPA has no commercial sponsors and is supported completely by member dues and educational forum fees

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