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In this quick two-minute short, learn what it means to have an energy-efficient home. Debunk home myths, such as the cause of ice dams, and become a more informed and empowered homeowner.

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who we are

MBPA is a non-profit committed to promoting high quality, energy efficient improvements and construction of homes.

We work together to help ensure your home is safe, healthy, comfortable and efficient.

We adhere to the belief that a "Home is a System" philosophy where all systems interact with each other. Changing the characteristics of one system can affect another so it is important to understand how they interrelate. 

get our help

We diagnose and assist with:
  • Ice dams: Although sometimes thought of as a problem with roofing or attic ventilation, ice dams are actually caused by the presence of warm air in the attic, combined with snow on the roof and the right weather conditions. Don’t treat the symptoms, solve the problem! See document; Solve ice dams.
  • Comfort problems: Does your home feel drafty and cold?  Are there rooms that just never heat or cool adequately?  Do you wish your home felt more comfortable but just don't know where to start?  Sometimes the problem is air leakage, or maybe lack of insulation or perhaps the mechanical heating/cooling system.  A Home Performance Test with an Energy Expert from MBPA can help you make your home more comfortable.
  • Moisture and condensation: Do your windows get water or ice on them?  Is there visible mold growing in your home?  Does your home have a musty/mildewy smell?  Do you get water in your basement?  Is there visible moisture damage on the exterior of your home?
  • High utility bills: Do your utility bills seem high?  Is it the electricity, natural gas or other fuel that dominates your bill?  What causes the costs to be so high?  A Home Performance Test with an Energy Expert from MBPA can help you understand your utility usage. For example they can analyze your bills to determine what you pay for each end use like to stay warm, have lights, appliances, etc.
  • Remodeling: Are you planning a remodeling project?  What is planned with respect to energy efficiency?   Is there a ventilation plan?  Will a new kitchen exhaust hood cause a dangerous back drafting problem in the basement?   An Energy Expert can work with you and your contractor to examine what is planned, examine the plan, assist with energy efficiency details, ask questions, and test the work along the way to verify proper air sealing, insulation, and equipment.   Our Remodelers work cooperatively with an Energy Expert to test and verify as the project moves along.
  • Insulation: